If you are planning to have some good time with your loved one and want to make it extra sexy and enjoyable then we got you covered. Here are some products that will up your sex game.

Hypnotic Bunny Smooth

Feeling naughty and looking to have some fun. Want to experience something hypnotic and erotic at the same time, then Hypnotic Bunny Smooth is the perfect companion. It has a curvy tip on the top for smooth operation. It is made from silky smooth silicone that easily slips into your erogenous areas to make your pleasure hormones go bonkers. It hits the g-spot for maximum impact. Operating the Hypnotic Bunny Smooth is very easy. You just need to push one button and it will start throbbing. You can choose from ten rhythmic vibrations to suit your pleasure style. It is purposefully made to give you maximum pleasure. It has a tentacle in the middle which adds extra pleasure to your sex game. The product comes in optimal size and is flexible. It has two vibration buttons for extra convenience. Ten powerful vibration options will make your pleasure hormones go wild. It has a silky-smooth clitoral massager for maximum pleasure. The massager is designed to target your G-spot. It hits you right on the point so you can have the most pleasure when you orgasm. It doesn’t require batteries and is easily rechargeable. You can use a USB charger which is included in the box to charge it. Once fully charged it will give you 120 minutes of playtime which is plenty of time to make your hormones go wild. Order now to get one packet of aqua lube free. Putting aqua lube on top of bunny smooth will make it extra effective for your wild hormones. So, what are you waiting for? order now.

Nana Vibrating Dildo

If you are feeling extra horny and looking for some role play action with your sex partner, then Nano Vibrating Dildo will do the job just right. Nano Vibrating Dildo is designed with role play and pegging mind. Traditional dildos do not offer maximum pleasure. Nano Vibrating Dildo is strapless which provides you flexibility in making different sex moves. If you are looking for something that easy to use, then strapless is the way to go. The silicone that is used in this product is medical grade and feels great when you use it against your skin. It triggers your erogenous senses and gives maximum pleasure to you and your partner. There are nine different types of vibration modes that enhance the pleasure and excitement for both of you. Nano Vibrating Dildo has a double-ended strapless design which provides extra flexibility for different sex positions. It provides a sensational experience for you and your partner. It is made with velvety hypoallergenic silicone for providing you maximum pleasure when using it. It is also FDA approved and safe for your skin. It doesn’t need double-A batteries because it has a built-in battery. You can recharge it easily with a USB adapter. It is perfect for dual penetration and provides a sensual experience to you and your partner. It has nine different kinds of vibrating modes to make your erogenous senses go crazy. Nano Vibrating Dildo is waterproof which gives you the freedom to enjoy wet sex. If you want to go extra crazy, then you can add aqua for a more sensual experience. Order now and get one packet of aqua lube for free.

Irresistible - Clitoral Stimulator

If you are looking to have some solo fun, then Clitoral Stimulator is the best product for you. It makes your erogenous senses go wild. You can have the best orgasm feeling at home or away from home. Clitoral Stimulator tip is made from soft medical grade silicone which is safe for your skin. It gently throbs your g-spot and erogenous spots to give you a sensational feeling. It gently touches your tissues and without overwhelming them. The sensation you get is on another level compared to a vibrator. It is the perfect option if you are looking for oral sex. The power button is easy to reach, and you can charge it via a mini USB cable. It is magnetic so that you can easily function. The clitoral Stimulator has five intensities levels for teasing suction depending upon how you use the handle. It is made with hygienic materials that are FDA approved. You can easily clean the silicone tip with warm water or any good antibacterial soap. Clitoral Stimulator is also waterproof so get it wet as much as you want. You can use aqua lube for some intense action. 

Jazzy Prostate Massager

If you want your pleasure senses to go wild and make you feel horny then we have just the right product for you. Jazzy Prostate Massager is the best companion if you want a sensual and dreamy experience. It is FDA approved and free from any harmful materials. It is made with medical-grade silicone material that is good for your skin and soft to the touch. Its ergonomic designs tickle your g-spot multiple times to give you a sensual experience. It is also waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about getting it extra wet. It also makes the cleaning process easier. It has excellent battery life. You can expect 90 minutes of usage on a single charge which is plenty enough for having fun. You can use it to have solo fun or use it with your partner to go on a sexual adventure. It is made with premium quality materials to ensure that you get the best experience. If you are looking for hours of pleasure, then this is the perfect product for you. The anal plug will give you pleasure for hours. It is a great addition to your sex life, and you can use it solo or with your sex partner. Order now to get 1 pack of aqua lube for free.

If you order all four products then you get 5 packets of aqua lube for free. Avail this amazing offer now.